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Increase the fans(Add Fans)service
Hong Kong Facebook is currently about 5 million registered users, the exposure is very great. Taiwan contacts people and things around the world. When someone becomes a fan on your page, the fans pass through the people People to share the news on the page, so that more people pay attention to your page, attract more potential fans Praise your page.

We think about it, there is no street to see most of the chain stores are always onlookers or to the pin The salesman asked, you and other passers-by are interested, and with the crowd?
Similarly, the addition of fans in Facebook can also achieve this effect.

Parrot, curiosity
Increase trust
Bring more new fans
According to the International Newspaper Business News Daily, the latest 2013 Live Science survey found that the praise of each facebook merchandise page is equivalent to investing USD174.17 to your brand - an increase of 28% since 2010.

To ensure that the fans plan to increase
plan Increase the number of fans (Fans)
Sliver 1,000 Fans 3,000 Fans
Gold 7,000 Fans 25,000 Fans
Diamond 50,000 Fans 100,000 Fans

*1 Such as the customer to delete the Division's special management account, all the work will be stopped. Such as the future to add back to the Division's special account, all need to quote
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