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The importance of market positioning and distinctive characteristics
In the era of informative and attractive environment, if a brand does not have a distinctive market position and characteristics, it will be fade out rapidly. Therefore, a creative strategy is a must for every brand, product, service and online shop。With our experience on Business branding design, retail branding design, catering branding design, we can offer the best branding design solution to our customers.

Focus on marketing research and keep close communication with customers

We can accurately pinpoint the market value and characteristics of the brand, and hit the consumers with creative and unique design, so as to achieve the ideal marketing purpose. During the process, we focus on marketing research and keep close communication with customers, to find out the best solution for the launch.

An extensive visual labelling system can unite the items of the brand effectively. Eg, Logo, Name Card, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochure, Product Packaging, Commercial Space Design.

Other items that are related to branding image:
Packaging Design (Packaging Design
Graphic Design
Advertising Design
Website Design
Space Design
Creative Promotional Campaigns

DAY,一間網上經營韓國及日本時裝生意的店子。未來更會引入更多香港設計師及各地具有創意的生活產品。我們以“Make a different DAY”為概念,創作出超過300個圖案以表達生活是要不斷發掘及體驗的思想。

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