Aim 網頁 The Korean popular tourist website - HanaTour

We are exclusively offering the eBanner service on the Korean popular tourist website – HanaTour. HanaTour has over 4.5 million members, with monthly view rate over 7 million in average. You can show your advertisement to Koreans and Korean companies through HanaTour. You can attract them to visit your website, to increase the customer and sales from Koreans.
eBanner can be displayed in their official website, mobile apps and email promotion EDM. eBanner is a kind of online promotion by using the graphics to attract visitors of Hana Tour website to visit your website, promoting your service to Korean tourists.


HanaTour has 12 million customers, serves over 4 million tourists every year.
Won many awards among the industry::
1. Brandstar No.1 ( won 12 years consecutively )
2. BrandPowerIndex No.1 ( won 12 years consecutively)
3. Most respected Award ( won 8 years consecutively )
4. Customer Loyalty Award
5. Korean customer satisfactory No.1 ( won 4 years consecutively )
6. Korean Business sector customer satisfactory No.1
7. Female customer famous company ( won 11 years consecutively )
8. 2016 Brand Award ( won 9 years consecutively )

hanaTour website banner advertisement

Size:302 X 280 pixel Size:288 X 257 pixel

Size:460 x 68 pixel  

hanaTour mobile apps banner advertisement

Size:640 x 148 pixel Size:640 x 96 pixel

hanaTour email promotion EDM banner advertisement

Size:710 x 112 pixel  

Advertisement Plan

Advertisement Size/displaying platform HTB basic banner advertisement HTE email banner advertisement HTF full-cover banner advertisement
302 x 280pix/Web
288 x 257pix/Web
460 x 68pix/Web
710 x 112pix/EDM
640 x 148pix/APPS
640 x 96pix/APPS
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