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With the AIM online banner service, the customer's ads will no longer stay on a single page. We will help our customers show their ads on Yahoo, Google, Baidu, Facebook, Sina Weibo and other popular sites, providing a huge network Platform, to help customers show ads in the target customers often visit the site.

AIM Online Banner Advertising Service Advantage
Spend ads on ad network pages with ad slots in a short period of time
To attract customers to the image of advertising
Do not need to make a search by the customer, take the initiative to show in different customer base
Impressionist advertising, first to provide customers with the first impression, so that customers have the service / company name memory
In addition to impressions, you can check the CTR for each ad item to calculate and evaluate ad engagement
Compared to the traditional traditional advertising, a clearer understanding of the depth of contact with customers advertising
(Suggested increase Show Traffic Service for further inspection)
Take the initiative to bring out new services / keywords in the market to drive online search rate
Increased exposure to customer confidence in the brand, with other types of promotion up to higher performance
Exposure -> Impression -> Search

AIM Online Banner Advertising Service Program

AIM Online Banner Advertising Website List (Hong Kong)
AIM Online Banner Advertising Website List (International)

AIM Online banners ad category list

Customers can follow their own business model, DIY a dedicated advertising list, according to "interest & subject classification" and "industry classification", access to the most appropriate customer level, so that customers can catch all the potential target customers.
Interest & Topic classification
Humanities and Society Global location
Reference material Books and literature
Home and gardening Pets and animals
Work and education Business and industry
Real estate Cars and transport
tourism Books and literature
Person law and government science
Internet and Telecom Online community
Beauty and fitness Interest and leisure
Art and entertainment shopping
financial Computers and electronics

Environmental protection Health, medical care
Beauty Marriage service
Education Logistics transportation
Telecommunications products and services Leisure life and entertainment
Floral Music, art
Summer, summer vacation Sports and outdoor activities
Diet Tourism
Business Professional service
Advertising, marketing and public relations services Financial, investment, financial management
Design Paper, packaging and printing
Renovation Car
Computer Office supplies and equipment
Retail and wholesale Manufacturing
Fashion Household items

AIM Online banners ad category list

Based on years of online marketing experience, we recommend that customers use 300x250 banners, 336x280 banners, 300x250 banners, 728x90 banners, 468 x 60 banners, 120 x 600 banners and 160x600 banners , Because these size banners can be more beneficial to increase the customer's advertising effectiveness. However, we recommend that customers create banners of all sizes so that customers will have the opportunity to see the advertiser's ads on all types of websites.

300 X 250 Banner ads

336 X 280 Banner ads

728 X 90 Banner ads

468 X 60Banner ads

120 X 600Banner ads

160 X 600Banner ads

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