Aim 網頁 Yahoo 5-in-a-row advertisement

Advantage 1: Set up the target customer group

Conduct Retargeting on targeted customer group, to spot the customers that are really interested in the product or service!

1. Users search the key word in Yahoo
2. System will analysis and record the searching behavior.
3. Insert the connected words in the advertisement account
4. Users keep browsing through Yahoo
5. System will analysis the identity of the user and connect to the database.
6. Play the relevant graphics with connected keywords to the user.

Advantage 2: Setting up different promotion methods

Offering graphics, GIF, App, video to achieve different promotion goals!

Advantage 3: Playing the advertisement in various hotspots

Play on Yahoo (Desktop), email app, news app, mobile version on any devices! Contact over 90% of Hong Kong internet users!

Advantage 4: Covers all display networks in Hong Kong and target the customer groups

The monthly browsing rate of Yahoo Hong Kong and other Display Networks is over billions. It can effectively push the advertisement to every customer level to increase the display rate and also the sales volume.

Advantage 5: The most discounted charging method

It is totally free-of-charge for displaying! It only charges 1 click-fee for every 1 click from user!

Displaying? Free-of-charge
It will not induce any charge if the user did not click the advertisement! It is totally free-of-charge for just displaying!

Pay when clicked
No click, no charge. We target our customers for click-to-pay only

Elastic advertisement budget
Advertiser can decide the budget and play period by their own. This will not induce any additional charge. The cost effectiveness is very high.
  Plan A Plan B Plan C
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