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Facebook now has the world's most influential social networking site, has more than 1 billion + registered users, the average daily message and praise (Like) more than 3.2 billion times, through the huge exposure of advertising, so that your business information Covering access to the rest of the world, allowing you to build brand image while at the same time and open up more potential customers to promote business growth.


Talk about your fan page and post
Contact your business on Facebook
Go to your website
Shop or take action on your website
Install or use your app
Shop in your store
Invite other people to your event
Exchange offer
Increase the number of page videos


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AIM Facebook 捕粉器
我們提供完整而強大的搜索方案,根據想要的目標粉絲條件,通過在Facebook群組或粉絲專頁中搜索,捕捉專頁類型的粉絲數據,自行選擇facebook廣告發給指定專頁的粉絲瀏覽。同時,我們採取了特別措施保護您的帳戶,不會令 Facebook 認為你濫用數據資料。














詳細專頁分類及數據資料 - 請按此瀏覽


AIM Facebook Advertising Basic Program


  Entry plan
Page promotion plan
Brand promotion plan
Facebook page set up -- FREE --
Valet Publish / Share Posts -- -- 8 Articles
Advertising coverage* 2 - 5 Thousands of times 8 thousand - 3 million times 8 thousand - 3 million times
Promote postings fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
Promote your page -- -- fb廣告
Drive people to the site fb廣告 -- --
mprove the site conversion rate -- -- --
Offer promotion -- -- --
Promote the film** -- -- fb廣告
Increase the attendance rate -- -- --
Collect potential customers -- -- --
Increase app installs -- -- --
Increase app usage -- -- --
精準吸納粉絲系統 -- -- fb廣告
analysis report Basic email notification -- Basic email notification
AIM Facebook Advanced advertising program


  Standard plan
Accurate planning
Business plan
App plan
Facebook page set up -- -- -- --
Valet Publish / Share Posts -- 30 Articles 90 Articles 100 Articles
Advertising coverage* 4 - 6 million times 7 - 15 million times 15 - 30 million times 15 - 30million times
Promote postings fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
Promote your page fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
Drive people to the site fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
Improve the site conversion rate -- fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
Offer promotion -- fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
Promote the film** -- fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
Increase the attendance rate -- fb廣告 fb廣告 --
Collect potential customers -- -- fb廣告 fb廣告
Increase app installs -- -- -- fb廣告
Increase app usage -- -- -- fb廣告
精準吸納粉絲系統 fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告 fb廣告
analysis report Detailed analysis report Detailed analysis report Cross-platform data analysis report Cross-platform data analysis report
*The ad will stop when the ad reaches the minimum number of times
**Promotion film is not produced, the company also provides production services
If you know more about Facebook ad exposure, please call 852-2243 0803


Valet release or share postings


To manage a page, you must post regularly to allow your page to see the posts in their dynamic messages and keep them interactive.
But this work is in need of certain manpower and time, and see this, our special program has included this service, in order to promote the best results.


代 發佈 分享 貼子


analysis report


Through the analysis report, you can see the effectiveness of your fan page, such as the demographic data of the fans and the user's response to the message. Cross-platform data analysis reports allow you to compare the number of fan groups and interactive statistics for each social platform account to get a more comprehensive analysis.


Cross-platform data analysis report


Detailed analysis report


Facebook ad type


Strengthen the promotion post Promote your page
Let more people look at your page posts and praise, respond and share yours. Get more page impressions to build your page ad audience.
Drive people to your site Increase your site's conversion rate
Increase the number of visits to your site, so much more Facebook users visit your site. Let users take valuable actions on your site, such as registering a trial or buying.
Increase app installs Increase app usage
Let more people install apps and improve app performance. Let more people use your Facebook or mobile app.
Increase the number of attendees Attract more customers to receive preferential promotion
Let people know your special activity to increase attendance. Launch an instant discount or other great offer to get other people to your store to receive.
Get video views Collect potential customers for your business
Promote behind-the-scenes footage, product announcements or customer stories and other videos to improve your brand awareness. Find potential customers who are interested in your company. 。
Ad slot

The ad slot is where the ad will appear, including mobile news, desktop dynamic messages, desktop right column, mobile ad network.

Facebook Ad style

Facebook advertising content, including images, titles and instructions, different display advertising methods can receive different advertising effects, the following describes several different styles, so that you achieve advertising goals.


Rotation format

The Facebook carousel contains multiple carousel cards, which showcase several products, or tell the story of the brand.


Video advertising can quickly capture the audience's eyes, is a great way to expand their business, but also allows users to better understand your business or products.



Slideshow to link your photos into a complete episode to showcase your product. Slideshow ads have less mobile data and are faster than average for video ads.


Dynamic Product Ads (Product Catalog)


Dynamic ads allow you to record based on products that users have viewed on your site or app. Facebook On the establishment of personalized personalized advertising.



Full-screen interactive ad


Full-screen interactive ad that allows users to navigate through the rotation image, tilt the phone to view the panorama image, or even enlarge the image to carefully detail every detail in the detail.


List of ads


A list of ads can be used to collect email addresses or contact information from users who click on your ad to collect the number of registrations, valuations, follow-up visits, and company information for the newsletter.