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DIY Web design System
Enterprise needs to hire technician to design and establish the website in the past. It is not only time-consuming, trouble, expensive, but also requires manpower to maintain and update the website. Now you can define the webpage design, website design, setting, home page design and setting, product categorization, product details setting, product image setting, website design management, business news system, customer inbox system, file downloading system, website module, 24-hour website management by using our Webweb system. 『青蛙網頁設計系統』provides a one-stop automatic website design system that allows user to develop a professional and multi-functional website within a couple minutes without any technical requirements on website design. The system combines website design, website management and website promotion in one, it can not only save your production cost, but also speed up the establishment of the website. You only need to know how to type for making a professional website and manage the content anytime!
Why you need to choose青蛙網頁設計系統? 青蛙網頁設計系統is the good way for business青蛙網頁設計系統website design easy to manage青蛙網頁設計系 統 offers with reasonable price

‧ Unlimited website update
‧ Unlimited website velocity
‧ Unlimited website page  
‧ Unlimited quota for replacing graphics 
‧ Unlimited quota for free-upgrade service 
青蛙網頁設計系統offers unlimited velocity, unlimited website pages, unlimited quota for replacing graphics, unlimited product categorization, unlimited quota for free-upgrade service…etc. A one-stop self-developing website and website design system is essential in this economic society. Therefore,青蛙網頁設計系統already becomes the essential business tools for our customers. It will becomes your good business helper.
Promotion period to send domain name
An interesting domain name is an excellent site to start with our sincerity for Aim web design clients to provide an interesting website domain name. For example: a web page for relational food, we will provide you with Apply now!
Various professional website background design 
Unlimited web design update 
Unlimited website velocity, H980 basic website hostage
Unlimited website pages, customers can add web pages anytime
Unlimited quota on changing pictures, short films, flash, youtube, file…etc. (Support English, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese)  
Support Webmail service – Receipt and send email anytime via internet 
Email forwarding – forward the email to designated email box 
Email receipt - IMAP、POP3、WEB MAIL 
Email send - SMTP、WEB MAIL 
Anti-junk email service – Filter junk emails  
Anti-virus email service – Isolate and delete infected email 
Easy upload or download file 
Website velocity statistics service 
Product search function in website 
Tele-consultation service on website design 
Simple website tuning on design, text, colours, background or pictures
Register the website in search engines such as Yahoo and Google 
Our professional web design technician will be requested to evaluate your website, to analysis website pages, pictures, text and the correctness of the website message, and to provides a web design roadmap. A professional web design roadmap can make your web design becomes more perfect.
CMS自助網站系統 evaluation hotline: 2243 0803
We will provide you a comprehensive data backup for your website to avoid any data lost. A reliable website hostage is essential for a comprehensive website. Our website velocity is unlimited, our hostage service can support no matter how many visitors you got. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a professional hostage even you have a professional website to exert its functions. Besides, our website fee is on monthly basis which offers you flexibility. We also offers one-stop web support for every customers who subscribe W388 website design.