Aim 網頁 Live chat system

How can your customer reach you except telephone or email? By using the real-time live chat system, visitors can inquiry online customer service instantly, or proactively invite visitors to chat. The website customer service can act as a radar to real time monitor the website. You can capture the source address, search term, which page the visitor is accessing, to make the maximum utilization of the advertisement. Currently AIM offers various language for customer to choose.

Online real time live chat system includes:

Clear online / offline display Real-time monitoring access status AI chat box system
Velocity monitoring system Customer management system Proactive invitation
Filter visitors Message box function  

Clear online / offline display
Many online real-time live chat systems cannot display clearly whether there is any customer service representative on duty. It may miss a number of potential customers. It will not happen in our AIM online real-time live chat system and thus increase the number of enquiries.

Real time monitoring access status
Usually we can only know there is a visitor comes to our website, but we cannot know which page and how long he had viewed, which is a big disadvantage. It is because we will not know which page did the visitor like more and looks more attractive. With the Real time monitoring system, the mentioned disadvantages will not happen again.

AI chat box system
A multi-functional chat box is the first step to increase sales volume:

The function refers to previewing the message content in the chat box before the visitor clicked to send, which let you to judge and handle the conversation in advance. Usually what was typed at the first time will also be the instant thought of the visitor. At this moment, if we can make use of the preview function, it would be a big step towards success.

2-way local file transmission
Visitor and online customer representative can send file interactively without the limitation on the format and can also see the progress of transmission.
Online real-time chatting system can automatically save the sent document as well add other documents. It facilitates you that no need to add when need to send the documents. It saves the job of customer representative and increase the working efficiency.

2-way screenshot
Actually, online customer service representatives are always difficult to describe the situation by text. At that moment, the 2-way screenshot can help 2 sides to take a screenshot instantly and send to each other. It will bring you more business when the communication problems are solved.

  Visitor to rate for the conversation
The quality of instant online chatting can directly affect the success ratio of invoice. To improve the quality of online customer service representatives, we offers the rating function for the conversation, to let visitors rate the service quality, so as to monitor the quality of customer service representatives.

Velocity monitoring system

Visitor source labelling and tracking
The visitor source labelling and tracking function of網站商務通 is a full tracking function on visitor’s viewing behavior: from the time the visitor enter the website, the way to enter the website, the current viewing page and viewing time, the leave time, etc. It fully monitor every visitors like a radar, and helps marketing analysist to analysis.

Customer Management System
The Customer Management System can label the nickname, phone number, QQ, MSN, address, unit, important ranking, business type, assigned customer service of a customer. Every customer has their unique label, so that customer representative can be more easily to approach to the visitor and obtain their trust when they come to visit again.

Permanent identification
Permanent identification can be reflected in several aspect such as visitor name, history, visitor label, to identify all customers permanently. When the visitor operates by the same computer, it can be identified as the same user.

Proactive invitation
Proactive invitation is a very important function. When you found visitors browsed a long time / several pages, you can proactively invite them to chat so as to understand their need.

Filter visitors

Online customer service representative can base on their working need to self-define the filtering setting towards the visitors, so as to let them easier to reach their target visitors. You can filter by visitor’s location, message, recent contact person, all recent contact persons, visitor track, search visitors, etc. This function can let the administrator and receptionist more easy to grab the important visitor to increase the sales.

Message box function
When the customer representative is offline, 網站商務通will automatically shift to the voice mail system. When the customer representative opens the網站商務通next time, he / she can check and handle voice mails.

Allows to define the options of visitor message
Allows to set Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese or Korean in the message box interface
Allows classification of message box setting
You can note that the message can not be changed, in the follow-up message when the additional mark.
Read the visiting track from message data
Reply to email directly if visitor left their email address
Set the access right of visitors (The function of Read and delete message)
View message of particular period
View detailed information of customers of free telephone and SMS in message box
View message by category
View particular message

Report management
Provide analysis report on your designated date:

Dialogue analysis Velocity analysis Overall analysis
Dialogue analysis by initial reception dialogue Counts by month Effective count by date
Dialogue analysis by involved reception dialogue Counts by day Effective count by period
Dialogue analysis by customer service statistics dialogue that involved invitation Counts by search engine Effective count by region
Dialogue analysis by search engine statistics dialogue Counts by keyword Effective count by search engine
Dialogue analysis by keyword statistics dialogue Counts by related links Effective count by key word search
Dialogue analysis by related links statistics dialogue Counts by page visit Effective count by related links
Dialogue analysis by visitor location statistics dialogue Counts by month  
Dialogue analysis by source statistics dialogue Counts by date  
Dialogue analysis by department Counts by period  
Dialogue analysis by month    
Dialogue analysis by day    
Dialogue analysis by period    
Customer service quality report    
Customer comment statistic report    
Customer service chat rating report    

Warm reminder: Please kindly understand the operating environment and system specular before usage.
Please contact 852-2243 0803 if you would like to obtain more information on the online real time live chat system.