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To break through the Apps market, becomes the Top 10 Apps in Play Store / App Store, It requires not only the quality and function of the Apps itself, but also needs the high effectiveness of Apps promotion. Through the UJoin promotion platform, your Apps will become more popular and being used, and grasp the peak of Apps by the effectively increased exposure and download rate.    

UJoin promotion platform - Apps promotion program
Silver Plan 1,000download click / 5,000download click
Gold Plan 20,000download click
Platinum Plan 50,000download click
Diamond Plan 100,000download click

Hong Kong to Hit mobile app:

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Social networking promotion

Place the Apps advertisement to Facebook, make use of the large networking of Facebook to conduct viral marketing through the function of like and share. It leads to the great exposure and click rate of your advertisement by using this trendy promotion method.

Search platform promotion

By using UJoin promotion platform to place your advertisement on Google and Baidu, the 2 largest search engines in the world, to make your advertisement to be displayed in Hong Kong, China and even the worldwide display networks. It brings you an uncountably huge display rate and hit rate

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