Aim 網頁 Sogou promotion


Sogou offers:

- Screen the search engine
- Sogou input method
- Sogou website navigation
- Sogou music
- Sogou browser
- Set up dynamic key words

Sogou browser plus Sogou search engine

Speedy internet, with the exclusive engine technology, to introduce every potenetial customer to have a commecial communication with you.
Sogou tactile input method, can be downloaded from the domestic official website, reputation and use can be guaranteed.
Won many inland awards and prize on the software aspect. Speedy typing, large word database and the variable appearance makes visitors loves it so much.


Sogou promotion feature!
Let your potential customer increase the below 4 points:

Call for a while China News Network Sohu news    
Video bus Bright network Sohu micro portal    
Copper house People's Network Sohu Q & A    
In the color network Thunder military network Ray Sohu Entertainment    
Douding network Sohu Finance   Sogou network services
Family doctor online West land network Sohu car   .Quality websites
Driving a little pass Shanghai hotline Sohu property   .Attract attention from comeercial customers
Chinese medicine health network Red net Sohu education   .Diversily accurate intorduction to customer
Mint woman network Xinhua News Network Sohu military   .High click-rate return
PubMed China Economic Net Sohu Digital    
Beautiful network Yunnan net Sohu health    
China Food Science and Technology Network Yangtze Evening News Network Sohu mother and child    
Excellent rice net Chinese study network      
58 city China Environmental Protection Network      
New rural network Sogou page navigation      
Sohu community 173173      




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