Aim 網頁 微博管理服務

With the microblogging users continue to increase, it is undeniable microblogging is to open up more than one billion people in the Chinese market important and fast channels, is also the best media for viral propaganda. Through AIM all-round microblogging marketing planning, for SMEs to provide one-stop microblogging services, set up by the enterprise microblogging account to account management, we will all-round coverage.

The following is the most popular Chinese microblogging:

Design a different microblogging interface  

For the enterprise microblogging take+V認証

Provide quality content preparation services

Provide high quality and forward/Comment article service

For the effective management of fans fans, to solve the daily inquiry and message

Provide a variety of microblogging activities to promote programs to explore more potential fans

Comprehensive microblogging analysis report, to provide fast and accurate microblogging data

Service project Plan content
Set up an enterprise microblogging account Microblogging account set up
Microblogging certification (+ V) service
Microblogging page planning and setting
(Including - microblogging Logo settings, microblogging nickname settings, personalized domain name settings, Custom template settings, two-dimensional code settings, enterprise microblogging module settings)
Enterprise microblogging account management Microblogging brand building - high quality fan service
Boutique content articles - writing and pushing
Microblogging content promotion - guide forward / comment
Online customer service - follow up and reply to inquiries / questions
Microblogging activities planning - regularly launched promotion, activities
Data analysis and reporting Comprehensive microblogging data analysis report

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