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The filming technology rapidly changes the film-watching behavior of peoples. Users are not only relying on tradition media to receive information. Video clips, video advertisement and social platforms are closely attached with our daily life.

The increase rate of video advertisement had already been surpassed many traditional media such as television, radio and newspaper. Digital advertisement and video clips become the global trend. Every industry should grab the chance comes from video promotion to maximize the benefits. The most attractive advantage is that the power of video clips or video can reach many peoples within a short time.

AIM, as a production house of video promotion and online advertisement, aim at providing quality and diversified video production and promotion to our customers. Our creation team and production team have many years of experience on this aspect, offering video promotion with high quality so as to achieve your goal.

We have our own professional production house, exclusive video filming site, studio, makeup room, and professional team (including creation, director, scenarist, cameraman, file cutter, CG editor, actor manager and marketing), which can handle the whole process, including filming, editing, insertion of special effects, dubbing and cutting comprehensively.

Video clip promotion

Channel: Youtube, Facebook, Sina, Tencent

Goal: raise interactive, such as like, share, comment

Commercial micro film

Channel: Youtube, Facebook

Goal: Add placement marketing in micro film

Business video

Channel: company website, exihibition

Goal: brand building

Product demonstration video

Channel: company website, exihibition, Youtube, Facebook

Goal: introduce the instruction or characteristics of the product

Business promotional short film

Channel: company website, exihibition, Youtube, Facebook

Goal: introduce the company business

Service introduction short film

Channel: company website, exihibition, Youtube, Facebook

Goal: to introduce the service covered

Advertisement short film

Channel: TV advertisement, Youtube, Facebook

Goal: induce the purchase desire


Photography and short film production


Offering professional photography and video production service to customers, assist them to achieve their goal on business development. Despite filming, we also offers photography, short film production, food photography, portrait photography, business image photography,, micro film production, promotion short film production, educational materials short film production, interview short film production, company or organization introduction short film production, etc.



Event planning and production


We offer a one-stop service for our customers from event planning to production. Our teams specialized in artistic event planning and productions, such as charity events, exhibitions or thematic events with any medias. Our services including public relations, marketing, event planning, artistic events, charity event planning, stage production and graphic design.



Live streaming


AIM owns a professional short film live streaming team. It allows us to record with multi angles, and process editing and playing with immediate mixing system. We played live steaming for many international competitions.


Company / Organization introduction video


Internal training



Event filming

Business image video


Micro film

Event planning


Media reporting



Online video promotion

Despite large-scale film production, advertisement production, AIM also offers various online filming promotional solutions and short film productions, so that online visitors can watch your video advertisement via different social media and websites such as Facebook、YouTube , etc. It allows you to have many channels to promote your products and increase potential customers via video advertisement.


  Plan A
Still image
Plan B
2D dynamic effects video
Plan C
Video studio video capture
Plan D
Live video capture
Length 15-30seconds 15-30seconds 15-30seconds 15-30seconds
Dynamic title design 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣
Background music 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣
Chinese subtitle 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣
Output format selection 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 拍片推廣
Photo processing and splicing 拍片推廣 拍片推廣 -- --
Computer screenshots and splicing -- 拍片推廣 -- --
2D dynamic effects -- 拍片推廣 -- --
Screen splicing -- -- 拍片推廣 拍片推廣
Product photography -- -- 拍片推廣 拍片推廣
Real shot -- -- -- 拍片推廣

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