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Hong Kong keyword advertisement
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Starting from 2007, Pay Per Click (PPC) becomes the most favourite project among the online shop operators. Is is because they only need to pay when customer clicked the 'sponsor link', which is different from old advertisement and is easy to control the cost.


Domestic keyword advertising


Starting from 2012, Baidu becomes the largest common search engine, including basic search advertisement, mobile / wireless search APP promotion, website alliance click advertisement, etc. Aim provides tailor made serach promotion service for customers who target the Mainland market, so as to save cost for customers and let them focus on their business development.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is to pay a fixed amount by each click. Many SME used to purchase particular page in search engine. The reason of using PPC is as follows:

1. Approach to target customer directly, different from disturbing mind-control advertisement by luck
2. effective fast, suitbale for short term promotion
1. Pay by key word, many competitors
2. Pay per click may cost lots of money
If you wish to have a higher ranking and stable advertisement fee, SEO will be more suitable to you. (To understand SEO)

The purchasing beahviour for consumers is linear in the past, but had changed to nonlinear now.

The purchasing behaviour of consumers in 21 century changed to nonlinear. Roadshow, TV advertisement, print ads, online media forms a staggered purchasing chain.
Research found that the the combination of online media and key word advertisement will greatly increase the viscosity of visitors and creates endless purchase.
Major search advertisement include:
Yahoo Hong Kong and worldwide
Google Hong Kong and worldwide (238 countries)
Hong Kong, Overseas and China
Search engine ranking is impotant to internet promotion. It is because:
90% local people will use Yahoo! Search engine to search information and product message.
95% people in the world will use Yahoo! and Google search engine to search information and product message.
55% internet trade comes from the search result of search engine, only 9% comes from banner advertisement.
Key word advertisement search promotion service in Yahoo! And Google search engine promotion, let customers enjoy a higher promotion effectiveness and better investment retun from e-commerce. Placing the search result of your website at the most conspicuous place in Yahoo! And Google will makes you stand out from the crowd among the industry, let you accurately target the potential customer group, and brings the potential customers to your website and marketing department effectively so as to increase the sales.
Bring target customers to your company through Yahoo and Google.
Professional serach engine consultant will firstly analyze important information such as your business and industry nature, product, service and marketing promotion solution. Then we will fit the search behaciour of target customer and select suitable key words for your company, to bring target customers into your company website.
Increase the search engine ranking how to effectively increase the velocity:
Vistors increased 60-8000% because of search engine
Improve the ranking in search engine will brings you 20% - 60% online business.There is over 1 billions websites in the world and is still rapidly increasing. Therefore, if you want to develop the business worldwide, you must get a high ranking in search engine.
Promote the product globally to increase the business chance
Increase the sales volume, sale lead and return rate
Use lowest cost to achieve the greatest promotion effectiveness of your business, to improve the sales volume by displaying your company website on famous serach engines (Yahoo, MSN, , Google, Baidu, Sogou and CNN, etc) , attracting hundreds and thsounds of target customers in the world.
Service includes:
Key word advertisement promotion service
Professional editor to design the advertisement content for your company
Professionally select useful key words
Profession editing on the description and content of the advertisement
Profesisonal website advertisement report and analysis
Based on the distribution of your target customers, experienced online advertisement consultant will place your website at the top position of serach engines (Yahoo!, Google, Msn, Timway,, orisum and ask, etc)
For example:
Distribution of target customer – Hong Kong = login Yahoo!
For example:
Distribution of target customer – Global = login main search engines like Yahoo!, Google, the website of main competitors in Google, Yahoo!, MSN
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