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What sites do you know?

At present, the establishment of a website five flowers, different web design services to different customer needs, such as commercial sites for the site architecture is fine and clear, so that customers can see your information within a second.

For example, you can use the Internet to sell your own products, of course, think of online stores, but online stores have different settings, such as shipping or payment gateway, etc., your target customers are Hong Kong or overseas, payment gateway and trading patterns are different. Many customers are not too knowledgeable about the web, when you want to go to the web design company offer, are unable to start, so AIM provides different web design service plan for guests to choose.

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Plan 1: Suitable for general web design customers

Plan 2: for regular updates to website customers

Plan 3: suitable for the site has a basic understanding of the customer

Basic template: web page selection Most of the functions of a plan Most of the plans are one and two functions
Language: 1 Theme picture input Self-help Banner replacement
Static banner design Simple website editing system A framework designed exclusively
Home layout design Latest news function Search for new messages
5-page customer self-help page Unlimited branching page Support hyperlinks
1 page to contact us Smart Day sort A static banner
Automatic email form   Support Html, Js, Trpme
Button is fixed with the template   Content pages can be self-help illustrations

As early as ten years ago, the Internet was an indispensable thing, and many types of sites were born, including discussion forums, blogs, online stores, and so on. So the web design has some of the same concept, is to hope that with the Internet to build their online brand, improve the company's business profits. And web design company in Hong Kong has occupied a considerable position on the market, many small and medium enterprises now have a own website. The company's CM2800 frog web program service is in line with the needs of all small and medium enterprises: professional and tailor-made design, web hosting services required, the color of the cooperation, all by the company to help. Coupled with a strong online publicity, a reasonable fee. So that all companies can be in the Internet world to develop new business. Guests only need to provide the following information, without a month's time, your page will be born.
The company logo      
Website to discharge the information      
Will there be a product show?      
Company Profile      

When we have collected all the basic information, we will first create a web page planning plan, when the customer is satisfied with the structure, we will add some design elements. And planning plans can be changed indefinitely, so that the customers are satisfied. Regardless of what the customers requests what on his site, the CM2800 is a choice for you

The web design is not required, does not mean that the page will be simple, we have a number of professional templates for your choice.

Studies have shown that: Web page opening time (ie loading) is about 2 to 5 seconds most satisfied, if the loading time is more than 10 seconds or more, Jiucheng net users will leave this page. For example: ( for each additional 100ms site delay will lead to a 1% decline in revenue: Yahoo (Yahoo) if there is a delay of 400ms will lead to traffic decline of 5-9%. So the page is not necessarily too complicated.

Recently there is a popular off-the-shelf network, also known as 「Decoration network」。

Many of today's entrepreneurs are limited in their own funds, except AimWeb Design Especially for SMEsBuy the siteProposal, we have already completed a good page for the customer, in a monthly rental form, features include: online store,Self-help cmsSystem, online email form, product release, membership system, and so on, and the site has a certain ranking in the search engine, see details Pay For Site MonthlyRecord of people flow