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Web surfing is a daily activity for everyone. However, it is a big difference for this activity between nowadays and 10 years ago.

10 years ago

Can only browse at home or office
Internet may be interrupted od disconnected
It is because the network speed and device is not so good in the past, therefore, to create an online business, building a simple website is already good enough to connect with web browsers.

Browse website anytime at everywhere
With advanced technology, the rapid increase of web browsers leads to a need for every business to have an e-channel to maximize their profit. Besides, the great improvement on the browsing behavior offers browsers to browse internet anytime, anywhere without time limitation. Here are some examples:



Tethering with friends when travel

Blackberry phone

Pick up kids from school

Use the mobile to share schoolkids information and discounts in mother’s group

Android phone

With girlfriend

Check the discounts information of movie or dining when dating

Company computer

During working

Search opportunity or SME offers by computer (eg, stationary, uniform)

Window phone

Ordering takeaways

Use mobile to check the phone number of takeaways nearby



Check the latest class schedule, online registration, no need to submit in person


If you would like to start the online business from this huge online world, your website must have a very good capacity

10 years ago


We, Aim, have a multiple-to-one website design service, to reach all web browsers at the same time. The website must have the below version


Using traditional way for expenditure
1 Computer website HKD3,800.00
2 Tablet PC website HKD3,800.00
3 Mobile phone website HKD9,900.00
4 Laptop computer website HKD3,800.00
Using Aim RWD
Saved HKD 14,200.00 !!!

  Characteristic of RWD


Multi-in-one web design service (also known as responsive web design)


Responsive Web Design Services

  Characteristic of RWD  
  One design fee for all different platform
  Update all website at the same time
  Makes your website more modern
  Contact our professional designer at 2243 0803 immediately
Top-up service of the website