Aim 網頁 EDM 點對點電郵服務
  EDM content includes  


All kinds of e-mail promotion activities

Provide common promotion / Communication email, survey,

Registration forms, event calendars, e-cards and so on...



Design professional email

Provide multiple selectable email default templates to let you

You can easily design to meet their own requirements of the email format Tune.


Comprehensive analysis report


From the graphical analysis report can view the e-mail sent,

Including send rate, view rate, unsubscribe, browse even

Knot and so on...


Support multiple languages


Reliable support for multiple languages (English, Japanese, etc.)

To avoid the recipient to read when garbled.



Develop your target customers


Provide custom email list and filter options, more accurate

Do send to the target customer, to avoid e-mail is considered to pull Spam.



Promote email testing tools


Before you email, preview your email promotion,

Send test emails, test emails.


EDM Point-to-point email service

Professional team to follow up, save customers cost and time Effectively promote the company's products and enhance brand awareness
Valet monitoring process to avoid delays or filtering problems Send the target customer, set up company shape
Customize the email list to accurately deliver the latest or new product to the target group Avoid emailing as spam.
Provide detailed ad reports to help you better understand your ad performance ncrease the rate of successful sending and opening
So you can effectively promote the latest products or offers Support language coding in different countries

*The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance entered into force on 22 December 2007

Regulation provides that electronic messages sent by e-mail must contain accurate sender information including:
The sender's Chinese and English names / Company name, address, telephone and contact email.
「"Cancel Receipt Options" and "Cancel Receipt Options" are provided in e-mail to facilitate the use of the cancellation options and instructions for use by the recipient. See details

AIM EDM Email promotion
Email industry list classification
  The following is a list of email categories for the AIMHK industry
*The number of emails is for reference only
  Hong Kong business data - 1,921,641


Email industry classification Number of emails


accounting/legal 8,330
advertising/design/Marketing/print 20,068
tourism/aviation/hotel/food/entertainment 60,762
bank/investment/Insurance 1,062,430
Beauty/Bodybuilding/Personal care 30,453
building/engineering/decoration/estate 21,209
transport/car/Logistics 24,799
Fashion/Clothing/Textile/shoe 66,513
computer/the Internet/IT/communication 6,229
education/books 11,552
electronic product/Electrical appliances/Lighting 27,042
food/drink 16,154
household items 16,825
industry/mechanical/Hardware 24,491
Jewelry/Watch/glasses 17,676
drug/Medical care 20,767
personnel/PR/consultant/Business services 28,601
movement/activity/toy/child 29,393
stationery/Office Supplies 9,381
Animals and pets 12,272
trading/other 45,334
other 357,360


EDM Build small advice

The mail server usually uses the rating system to determine whether the spam.
General mail server with a list of records of spam often have some of the characteristics, of course, this feature is constantly updated and improved.
For mail sent, the mail server will determine whether it is consistent with one or more features, and according to the results of the message to score, if the score is high, unfortunately, your mail may be classified as spam ranks.

How can we prevent mail from falling into the trash, we offer the following small suggestions:



Email title

E-mail title design is a very important part, because it is the key point of whether the reader will open the message, the theme should not be too long, it is also recommended that the e-mail title to focus on products or promotional activities of the center, in addition to some e-mail server More stringent, so try to avoid some sensitive words and characters appear in the title.



Email image design

A good promotion email need to design simple, the page size as much as possible to control within 80k, the smaller the better, the color should not be too complicated, the proportion of pictures and text should be appropriate, in addition to promotion of e-mail can not just the whole picture, E-mail will be handled as spam.



Email content

Suggest e-mail content at least 250 - 300 And the use of some text effects, such as: italic, bold, plus shadows to improve the text recognition, to attract the attention of the reader's attention.



Add a hyperlink to the content

Find a short URL can be generated at the same time a lot of different shortcomings, shorten the use of cutting tools can be very convenient to copy the URL to save out.



Optimize email code / code (HTML)

The spam filter detects the specification of the mail code.
To have a professional coding staff or use e-mail delivery partners to provide professional templates, non-standard code may be considered spam.



Send the test message before sending it formally

Be sure to send a test e-mail to the mainstream mail service providers such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. before sending your well-written messages to everyone in your list.



The number of words and pictures

Sending emails containing too many pictures is the most common cause of mail coming into the trash. Especially the contents of the message only a large picture almost no text, it is easier to get into the trash. So the number of text and images should be balanced.



Do not include obvious "junk" content

The more words and phrases that contain "seemingly spam" in the message, the less likely it is to enter the inbox.

Do not use the word "free" too much, the font color should not be too rich, a word with only an exclamation point, the message used like Viagra, obscene, package your award and other "garbage" words.



Do not use "big picture" instead of all the text

The spam filter will look for this image-based message. If you can not read any meaningful text in a message, but only see a picture, most likely the message as spam.



Add as friend or contact person

Once the recipients have added you to their address book, your mail can reach their inbox. At the time of registration or on the confirmation page, please write "In order to ensure that you can continue to receive our premium information, please join us in your contact list."